miercuri, mai 20


Yes, the panic has begun...

Oh my God, the session is coming, Oh my God, I haven't been to any lectures at this subject, how the fuck am I going to learn, Oh my God I cannot pay my rent for the dorm and may not have a contract for next year, Oh my God, I have to chose a teacher for the batchelor's degree, Oh my God, I have to choose my optionals for next year, Oh my God, where should I stay in Groningen, Oh my God, what subjects to chose to study there, Oh my God, when do the papers have to be ready, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God...

I don't like it, I hope that tommorrow all the reasons for panic will be gone, and I will be able to breathe normally, not drink coffee anymore and have my heart pumping like crazy, and be able to think again about beautiful stuff, challenges, and memories.

Tommorrow, tommorrow, I'll love you tommorrow, if you take the panic away....

marți, mai 19

I might have a home in Griningen!!!

I wanted to edit the previuos blog, but this is too big not to make it a new post!
I just received an email from Laurens that I might be able to have a room in a flat available from my coming in Groningen!!!!!! This means no more money spent on the Housing Office, no dorm, AND living with AIESECers. Yeppee.

really nice way to end the day... :)

A day in the life of... [part 2]

This has deffinetly not been a lazy day [unfortunately, maybe]... Except the morning, when I overslept and then couldn't get out of bed for like 2 more hours.

Then I went to school, for the most painfully boring 3 hours of my life... Having to listen the Romanian Secret Service market their "opportunity windows" [some people actually are interested in applying for those positions, actually!], and then wait for the teacher to come for 1 hour, and then listen to her threats about the final exam. All in all, laaaaaaaame and useless.

Then I had to go to the doctor. She hasn't seen me since December, and since a lot has happened to my health since then, we had a loooong talk. Her being amazed and shocked, me thinking she is so predictable. The same lines "But you are too young", "26 cm??? That's the size of a child's head!", and, my favorite, "I noticed that you were a little fat, and I usually tell that to my girl patients, but I didn't tell you" - gee, thanks! I have two remarks on this: First, I am very surprised that people like to "measure" their problems, their tragedies. If I had said "I had a large tumor", it wouldn't have been so shocking than "I had a 26 cm tumor", although it is the same shit. And second, it was not really all my fault that I didn't notice I was going fatter and fatter, in fact, everybody did, but nobody really dared to tell me [not to say that everybody thought I was pregnant:P]

Then the even worse part of the day... I lost my full membership because I was late for the elections... I would have lost it anyway when I left for Erasmus, but I wish it didn't have to happen this way... It's a tough punctuality lesson that I had to learn...

The best part of the day was the karaoke... Starting from 8:30, until about 1 PM, with a very big difficulty in intercultural communication with Urs [ funny, funny, funny! ], nice songs [ even if my voice is really awkward from the boogers ], nice company, nice words and... butterflies because I finnaly realized that I'm going to leave AIESEC Bu for a while... And the hardest part is to leave the people I've grown so attached to... I will have to adapt to a whole new culture, to new, different people, which will be nice and challenging and all, but in the end, it won't really make me feel like home, at least not from the beginning. I really hope I'm gonna be wrong with that.

And the night sort of ended with a challenge I was proposed... Which I'm thinking of accepting :) I'll detail when I actually accept it and go along with it.

All in all, it's been by busiest and fullest day as a sick person. I am proud of myself :)

Good night, my beloved, sweet dreams and high hopes for a better tommorrow every day,

luni, mai 18

A day in the life of...

Except the reflection time in the train, this has been a laaaaazy, brain freeze day. Partly, or mostly, I think, because of my cold. I think it has reached my brain and they are now flirting... Uuu, kinky!

So I spent all day long in bed, getting sick and tired of surfing the net, had some nice talks with my friends, watched some episodes of friends and scrubs, read a very nice collection of love letters (http://www.sleeptrip.com/300loveletters/2.html), and now, I'm unfreezing the freezer :)) It seems that it reached that point in this life cycle (???) when he refuses to get freezed and starts to leak, so the food gets rotten :)) And so we realized that today, and now my desk is filled with tons of food, waiting to get back in the fridge, until my room-mate does all the dirty stuff with the fridge that I don't know anything about :) [I hope I'll have some pictures posted with this event soon:P]

And now I'm trying to get some sleep, and this very productive day. Yes, very productive, about 3 litres of boogers.

Stay healthy!


I'm on my way back to Bucharest, on the train and I'm thinking... The last time I was in the same train, at the same hour, I was finishing some session outlines for ICPS and watching "Friends".

And here I am, almost 1 month later, with a whole bunch of new, wonderful, dear memories, not knowing where the time flew away, not realizing that in 3 months everything will change...

I never know hw to measure time, but I think I know how to seize the moment, and my memories are my most valuable treasures, because they define who I am.

Time is absolutely relative because "In the end we'll just remember how it feels..."

Thank you for helping me build my memories, all of you!

duminică, mai 17


Sun, flowers, beautiful scenery, family, good food... Nice way to end some busy weeks...
Not perfect because of me being sick and because I couldn't really connect to the 40 year olds, my mother's friends... Good thing I had my cousin, to fool around with, drink, and laugh our asses out.

Now comes the "I don't wanna leave to Bucharest" feeling, with the bonus "I don't want my exams to start in a week..."

See ya,

vineri, mai 15

On my way home

[This is the third time I'm writing this post, since Firefox quit unexpectedly every time I tried to post it... ARGH]

I'm on my way home, after a rough night. I was to a pretty cool party, with nice people and atmosphere. What was even cooler at this party was that it was the first non-AIESEC party where I met an AIESECer. So, of course, in between a drink, a dance and a talk with other persons, me and Oana (Toiu) finally ended up talking about AIESEC, future plans, memories, etc...
I'm going home now, heading for another party, my mom's this time... Yesterday I had a hard time in finding a nice present for her. I innitially went for the regular: a photo frame, a vase, a clock, stuff that she likes but that practically end up dusting up on a shelf. SO I decided to buy her something more personal, something nice, something that would remind her of me. SO I bought her a nice opal necklace, and I put it into a small, very classy box, in case she doesn't like it/doesn't want to wear it, to wear the box with her and thus remember me anyway :) [I'll have to explain this story to her to when I give her the present:P]

As for the honeymoon effect... I've had a lot of persons/situations/moods that tried to kick me out of this state of mind, but I realized that I can manage to overcome these nasty realities, adapt them to my own state of mind, and thus the hineymoon effect will never go away, because it actaully doesn't exist [thank you, Urs, for helping me realize that :) ]

I'm signing off now, I hope that this time my post will end up safely on the blog.
Till next time,
Take care of your hearts